• Equine Nutrition

    At Moon Rising Farm, we give horses premium feeds that are tailored for their specific needs as well as supplements provided by their owners. In addition to this, we allow horses to enjoy free-choice hay during winter while ensuring consistency in the forage by purchasing quality hay from local farmers.

    For a small additional fee, we can provide your horses with Platinum Performance Supplement. This will be added to their morning and evening feeds and can enhance their strength and performance.

  • Boarding & Amenities

    Moon Rising Farm in Boyds, Maryland provides expert equestrian boarding and training services in and around the area. Our stables are less than an hour away from Rockville, Gaithersburg, Northern Virginia, and Washington D.C. and come with great amenities your horses can enjoy. Moon Rising Farm offers free trailer parking.

  • Unlimited Grazing

    Under our care, your horses can enjoy unlimited grazing, which has been proven by research to be beneficial for their mental and physical well-being. Here is a list of 
    potential problems that may be avoided with unbounded pasture turnout:


    •Porous Bones

    •Poor Feet and Hair Coat

    •Digestive Disorders

    •Metabolic Problems

    •Fitness Decline

    •Growth Retardation

    •Accelerated Aging